First-Time Builder's Program
Wanna get your knees in the breeze on a sick chop of your own
creation?!?  But, you're new to choppin'?  
Consolidate your new parts/services purchases with us and get the following:
- Parts package discounts based on exactly what you want - not some cheezy kit
- and order size.  Minimizes your shopping time so you can be choppin'.

- Technical support throughout the entire build available via email or phone  14
hours a day (except Sundays).  We actually answer our phone and eMail and we
don't give a crap what you know or don't know.

- Support at every phase of the build - including concept and design, parts
selection, frame build, fabrication, bike assembly, and powder-coat and finishing

- Hook-up and access to our build partners, which include old school painters and
pin-stripers, powder-coaters, certified welders, journeyman machinists, and
old-school hot-rodders

- Priority processing of your fabrication, machining, or powdercoating orders

- Advice or input on almost anything you can imagine bike-related.

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