Please consider the following before purchasing and/or
installing a hardtail on any 2004-up Sportster/XL:

- We do not currently offer a bolt-on kit to make up for the
engine stability lost from the removal of the swingarm,
whose pivot also serves as the rear motor mount.  Customer
must plan on fabricating a solution for this.
- The rear master cylinder located behind and below the
rear of the motor MUST be removed and relocated due to the
use of this area of the frame as the attachment point for the
hardtail.  Most common solution for this is to go back to the
older style (pre-2004) forward controls that mount the
master cylinder on the pulley cover plate.  However, this is
NOT a straight bolt-up solution.
- The hardtails that we sell have a rear brake caliper
bracket that works best with 2000 - 2006 calipers/caliper
brackets.  So, you may want to budget for this if your bike is
- Springer installation will require removal of the whole
fork neck lock system from the frame for clearance and
turn radius.  This involves cutting the frame and
fabrication and weld work to fill the resulting hole.