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Kits to build a Big Twin Chopper
from Scratch
Complete Chopper Kits
Complete Scratch Builder's Kit:
Included in Base Kit:
- Rapid Start Jig Builders Kit - Reg. $529 ($30 Savings)
- Billet Steel Frame Kit - Reg. $350 ($50 Savings)
- Chopper Builders Handbook (Jig/Frame Plans) - Reg. $60 (FREE)
- Wiring Kit & Charging System - Reg. $317 ($20 Savings)
$1256 ($160 Overall Savings)

Add Options to this Kit and Save Even More!!!
(See Pulldown Menus at bottom of page for reduced prices)
- Add a flat-style rear fender (Save $10)
- Add a rear wheel and tire (Mounted/Balanced)
(Axle/Spacers/Fasteners Included)
(Save $40)
- Add a mini-brake front wheel/tire (Mounted/Balanced) (Save $25)
- Add a Seat (Save $10)
- Add an Oil Tank (Save $10)
- Add a Gas Tank (Save $10)
- Add a Motor (Save $250)
- Add a Springer Builders Kit (Save $25)
- Add Handlebars (Save $5)
- Add an Exhaust Builders Kit (Save $20.00)
Purchase kit with 1 of every option & get FREE FREIGHT on
your entire order for a total combined savings of $770.00!!!

Special Offer: If you would like different options, purchase
the base kit and pick your own choice of option parts from
anywhere on the site and still receive the same savings!!!
Billet Frame Kit
Includes: Tapered
billet neck w/stop
tabs + set of hidden
axle blocks + motor
& tranny mount kits
+ factory-style
forward control
Rapid Start Jig
Builders Kit:
- Includes a Pro
Plate 4M w/Jig
Relief, Steering
Neck Fixture, Four
1-1/4" Tubing
Clamps, Set of
Axle Surface
Chopper Builders Handbook
Volume 1: Chassis Work
- A must have for aspiring
- Includes 200 photos, 80
Diagrams and 30 Plan Sheets
(Jig, Frame, Fork Plans).
Base Kit - $1256
Flat-Style Fenders
Rear Wheel/Tire Kits
Mini-brake Wheel/Tire Kit
Solo Seats
Solo Seats
Oil Tanks
6" Round
Gas Tanks
2.2 Gal. Chopper
88" Panhead
88" Shovelhead
87" Knucklehead
80" Shovelpan
Springer Builders Kit
Kit includes: Top Tree for Bolt-in Risers, Chrome Fork Spring Set, Polished Brass Spring
Rod Stabilizer, Spring Rod and Bushing Kit, Rockers, Spring Clamp, Spring Fork
Bridge/Tree, Lower Tree, Stainless Steering Neck Stem & Chrome Top Nut, Spring
Aligners for Lower Outer Springs, Slugs for Rigid Fork Tubes/Trees & Rocker Bosses, 19
Pg. Photo-Illustrated Step-by-Step Instruction Book
Basic Wiring Kit Includes:
- Wiring Diagram and instructions
- One 30 amp circuit breaker and one 15
amp circuit breaker and nuts and bracket
- Starter relay and plug w/female spades
- Big Twin style neutral connector.
Charging System Includes:
- Stator
- Rotor
- Regulator/Recitifier
- Installation Hardware
Exhaust Builders Kit: Designed to help simplify the job of building
custom exhaust. All tubing is made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel.
Includes head pipe spigot rings.. Straight sections measure 3 feet
long. Available with 1-3/4" OD head pipes with 1-3/4" OD sections or
1-3/4" OD head pipes with 2"OD sections.
Add Rear Fender

Add Rear Wheel/Tire Kit

Add Mini-Brake Front Wheel/Tire

Add Seat

Add Oil Tank

Add Gas Tank

Add a Motor

Add Springer Builders Kit

Add Handlebars

Add Exhaust Builders Kit

Wheel and Tire Kit Includes:
Wheel/Tire, Axle, Spacers
and Fasteners
Exhaust Builders Kit
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