Buell Conversion Kits
Go from Buell to Cuell in no time...
*Donor bike forks & wheels shown for illustration only (not available from BEOSC)
We do all the Fab work up front, so all you gotta do is turn
the wrenches and become a street-fightin legend...
- BEOSC Thugsta' frame with geometry of your choice
- Gas tank with frame mounts
- Oil Tank with frame mounts (see option choices below)
- Sprung solo seat of your choice with frame mounts
- Rear brake stabilizer rod boss
- Pre-mounted kickstand
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Rolling Chassis
New!!! Now also available for Sportsters and Pre-XB Buells.
Kit Includes:
- Hardtail Frame with special length neck (so that your XB
forks bolt right up) and 30mm axle blocks (so you can use
your stock rear wheel and tire).  This frame does not require
conversion to a remote oil filter like most of our competitors!
- Clamp-on Chrome Round Barrel Oil Tank w/mounting
hardware and fittings
- BEOSC Battery Tray - easily mounted in practically any
position (or, we will mount it for you for an upcharge).
- Peanut Gas Tank
- 30mm Axle and Fasteners (3/4" and 1" axle versions also
- Sprung solo seat, springs, hinge and bracket, and mounting
stantions (we will mount for you at an additional upcharge if
- Add a rear fender for an extra $250 and have it mounted for
$100 more or mounted w/struts for $200 more.
- Add a brake setup that allows you to use your stock Buell
rear brake caliper for $150 more. (Includes bracket, heim
joints, adjuster rod and weld in frame slug)
PLEASE NOTE: Stock Buell XB parts shown in pictures - such
as forks, wheels, tires, motor, etc. - are NOT included in this
kit.  They are shown here to illustrate the point that these
stock parts will bolt right up to our kit.
Brake Bracket
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Available for XB and Pre-XB Buell and XL Sportster
Kit Includes:
- BEOSC rigid frame. Note: This kit is available with your choice
of any BEOSC Buell or Sportster style frame.
- Rear brake mounting kit.
- Mounted BEOSC battery tray kit.
- Chrome oil tank with mounting brackets.
- Top motor mount.
- 7" wide flat rear fender and fender brace with mounting tabs.
- Chain guard.
- XL style chain tensioner.
- Neck races, bearings and female fork stop plate (races
- Rear axle with fasteners and adjuster collar kit.
- Weld-on hidden spring kickstand.
- Add a chain conversion kit (not shown) to this kit for $250.
Note: As with all of our kits, this one is available a-la-carte. Any
parts you don't want can be deducted from the price.
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Roller shown using most
of the parts included in
this kit.
customer build
using this kit.
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Add Brake Setup