DNA Springers
Complete DNA Springer Front Ends:
- Feature chrome springs, rockers and hardware.
- Includes axle and top crown.
- Available in black, chrome or raw steel finish.
- Optional springer brake kit and rocker grease zerks
retrofit also available at extra charge (See below).
Add a DNA springer
brake kit (Shown
above) to this
springer for $325
Add rocker grease zerks
retrofit by BEOSC to this
springer for $250
Springer Handlebar Riser Adapter Kit:
with 4-3/4" centers. (Note: DNA springers and most early Harley
springers feature 4-3/4" centers)
- Great for retaining stock bars and risers when converting to most
common springer front ends.
- Adapter is chrome plated and includes mounting hardware.
Kit Includes:
- Black DNA springer forks (2" or 4" under length). 2" under is
recommended for lowered bikes with rear suspension, 4" under
for hardtail bikes.
- DNA springer brake kit.
- Black Speedster "Knucklehead" style handlebars.
- Polished stainless steel front brake rotor with bolts.
- Timken neck bearings and dust shields.
Note: Wheel and tire shown below are available at extra charge.
(See link below)
                                 $1199.00 - Call to Order
Click Here so see
more on the
combo shown.
- Includes inline top clamp and bar sections pre-notched for internal