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Wiring / Electrical
Heavy Duty Toggle Switches:
- Made in two positions on-off or three position on-off-on
- Butt mount thru 1/2" hole
           $5.00 / each

Ignition Starter Switch:
- Weatherproofing and Stainless Steel Terminals.
- Switch has On/Off positions and momentary(starting)
postition. Also, key can be pushed in like a momentary button
to activate auxillary functions like an electric choke or horn.
- Overall length 2", diameter 1-1/2", mounting hole 13/16".
-  Two keys included.
         $32.00 / each
Push Button Starter Kits:
- Kit for 1.4 kw Spyke and OEM Starters
- Kit for 1.8 kw Spyke Starters only
- Kit for 2.4 kw Spyke and some competitive brands
     $82.00 / kit

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"The Lever Starter System"
- Made from CNC billet aluminum.
- Fits '65-'88 4-speed electric start models with a separate
starter solenoid.
- Hand operated - mounts in place of starter solenoid - just
pull the lever and go!  Add some reliability to the wacky
mousetrap that H-D called a starter train...
Mini Aluminum Handlebar Switch Boxes:
- 1" Tall and Radius cut to fit over 1" bars.
-  Available in double or triple switch styles.
- Very clean look and fit.

Indian Larry Ignition Switch Panel:
- Machined aluminum construction.
- Accepts car style starter switch and one toggle switch.
- Sold bracket ONLY.
Handlebar Switch:
- Light Switch to fit H-D
- Crome Plated
Mini Push Button Switch:
- Works for turn signal, starter, horn, kill or hi-low.
- Comes with 20" wires installed
                             $13.50 / each
Starter Push Button Switch:
- 15 amp
- 15/32 - 32 UNS thread
                                 $12.00 / Each
Solenoid Cover with Starter Button:
- Simple mechanical push button built into the starter
solenoid end cover eliminates the handlebar button, relay
and wires if desired.  If handlebar button is used or
maintained, relay circuit must be kept.
- Does not affect the function of the handlebar button.
- Great for eliminating unnecessary wiring on custom builds.
- Fits 1991-up Big Twins and some aftermarket starters.