Wiring / Electrical
Battery Cable Builders Kit:
- Custom build battery cables to the exact length necessary
- For best results we suggest you use the terminal crimping tool
Battery Cushion for All Models:
- 5" x 8" battery cushion made from high quality neoprene foam
- Absorbent and retains shape well under pressure without flattening
- Adhesive stick backing so it stays in place

Momentary Pushbutton Switch for Flat Surface:
- 1/8" tall design helps to eliminate clutter on
your                                       custom motorcycle
- Can be wired like a horn button with contact
made                                   when pushed
- Requires 3/4" hole for mounting
Heat Shrink Butt Connectors w/Built-In Solder Joint:
- Provides a water tight heat  shrink tubing
- Requires a minimum of 350 degree to activate solder
                            $1.50 - Up
Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

12 Volt Chopper Wire Harness Kit:
- Incorporates horn, high-low, starter & turn signal functions
- 6 Trouble shooting LED lights that diagnose circuits
- Replaceable starter relay
- Replaceable remote mounted 30 amp circuit breaker
- Allows easy installation
Miniature Ignition Coils:
- Works for Big Twin & Sportsters
- Tiny ass little sucker is easy to hide for that stripped down look!!!
- Reinforced metal mounting ears for strength
- Spark plug style tower provides positive lock for watertight seal
- Comes in single or dual tower
$99.00 - $184.00
Tower Style & Quantity

Crimping Tool
Just Plain 'Ole Cheap, Reliable Solution to get your
Big-Twin Crankin':
- Fits Big Twin 1989/2006 5-Speed models
- Fully tested starters manufactured from all new parts
- Printed performance test curve sheet that meets
or              exceeds advertised kilowatt rating
              $158.00 - Up
Please Select

Switch Kit w/Mounting Panel:
- Includes one push button starter, one stop switch & 2
foot       of wiring
- 16 gauge polished backing plate can be mounted anywhere
Please Select:

- Cut to length, thread wires, apply heat and watch insulation
shrink perfectly around wires.
- 8' lengths in 1/4" and 3/8", 4' lengths in 5/8"