Rigid Big-Twin Frames
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The Bounty Hunter
The No Gun 3 Hun
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The Hoodlum
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We specialize in manufacturing frames to spec. for other shops, bike
builders, and manufacturers.  And, we can do the same for you.  So, why
settle for the same generic, off-the-shelf frame everyone else can get from
catalogs?  Most frame builders won't even let you vary the rake, let alone
take your completely new design from concept to steel...
We are a licensed motorcycle
manufacturer in the state of
Iowa.  All frames comes with
an MSO cert. and a stamped
serial number.
The rigid frames below - that we do for other shops and our own builds -
are also available directly from us, but should be considered as only an
example of what we can do for you.
The ultimate bobber frame - inspired by the original
hoods that crammed Big-Twins into 45 solo frames
Our world infamous real-shotgun backbone frame!
Starting at $2,950.00 - up
Similar geometry to the
Bounty Hunter sans the gun
Starting at $1,750.00
A wacked-out frame we
built for a crazy with a
dragon fetish
BEOSC's Standard Rigid
Big-Twin Frame
Starting at $1,750
Shown here with optional tank
mounting services