Frame Jig Parts, Accessories, and Complete Jigs
Pro Plate - For Exact Motor and Front Tranny Mount Alignment!!!
Time,        Just like the Pro's!!!
- Rigid Construction of 5/8" 6061 Aluminum and 3/4" Steel Plate to Resist Weld
Draw Under the Most Extreme Conditions.
- All Construction from Precision-Machined parts for Guaranteed exact
- Available in 4-speed or 5/6-speed Tranny Mount versions, or get both
versions for just $30 extra - just select when ordering.
- Features relieved area for 2"x3" Jig King Post.
- Save Hundreds!  No need to Purchase Dummy Engine, Tranny, and
- Use it as Post-Build Quality Check.
- Includes Hardware.
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- JIg Neck Holder Cones: Machined from billet 1018 steel, 2"x 1.67" bored
for 1.0" rod                                                       
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Steering Necks
Tubing Clamps for Jig Fixtures:
Bolt, weld, or clamp them to your jig anywhere you want to hold tubing -
precision machined from 1/2" thick billet bar stock to exact tubing size -
drilled & tapped & include 1/4-20 bolts - please specify 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2"
tubing size                                                            $25/each
Axle Plate/Block Surface Plates:
Slide them onto your 3/4" or 1" axle rod, tighten the set screw, and create a
rigid, square surface to clamp axle plates or blocks.  Machined from
3/4"x2.5" billet steel bar.                                $49/Pair
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Axle Size

Chopper Builders Handbook Volume 1:
Chassis Work CD-ROM:
- A must have for aspiring builders.
- Includes 200 photos, 80 Diagrams and
30 Plan Sheets.
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Tranny Mount Option

Rapid Start Jig Builders' Kit:
- Build a jig in a day!  Just supply the tubing!
- Includes a Pro Plate 4M w/Jig Relief, Steering Neck Fixture, Four 1-1/4"
Tubing Clamps, Set of Axle Surface Plates and The Chopper Builder's
Handbook CD-Rom (Tons of Frame, Fork and Jig Plans).
- Base Kit Savings of $30.00 vs. separate purchases
- Add a Billet Frame Kit for $300 ($350 Reg. Price) $50 Savings.
- Puchase Jig Kit, Billet Frame Kit & any Motor on the site together &
knock another $250 off your order!
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   That's a total savings of $330!!!
                       $529 - up
Billet Frame Kit
factory-style forward control mounts
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