Frame Jig Parts, Accessories, and Complete Jigs
Jig Steering Neck Fixture:
Precision machined from 3/8" plate and fastened with 5/8" and 3/4" all-thread
draw in the neck holder.                
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Complete Turn-Key Chopper Rigid-Frame Jig:
- Leveling Hardware for Portability and Accuracy
- 2" Center Channel for Infinite Fixture Additions and Flexibility
- Guaranteed Precision Alignment of all critical components (Engine &
Tranny Mounts, Steering Neck, and Axle Plates/Blocks)
- Arrives Ready to bolt together and build frames!  No spending weeks
machining and fabricating necessary fixtures.
Note: Please allow 4 to 8 weeks build time after order is placed.
  $2,475 Each
Sportster Motor Mount Jig/Dummy:
- Turns your Big Twin frame jig into a Sportster jig overnight!!!
- For '86-'03 Motors
- Eliminates need for expensive separate motor dummy
- Base sits over lower frame rails for excellent alignment/centering
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with Top
Mount Locator  
Leveling Legs
Rear Axle Surface Plates
Integrated Pro Plate &
Lower Rail Clamps
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Twin Cam Softail Motor Mount Jig/Dummy:
Fixture-welded directly off of a stock H-D frame for factory correct motor
mount and pivot point positioning!!!
- For Twin Cam Softail Balanced (Twin Cam B) Motors.
- Base sits over lower frame rails (at stock Twin Cam Softail width - 9"
on-center) for excellent alignment/centering.  Just clamp it in place, bolt
up your mounts, and weld in place.  Speeds up your frame building big time!
- A must have for aspiring
- Includes 200 photos, 80
Diagrams and 30 Plan Sheets.