Kustom Topsites!
Popeye's Castings
Virgin Mary of Guadelupe:
Limited edition, hand cast and painted. Made from
hard stone-like material. Use it indoors + outdoors.
we dont stock these, after ordering give us max 10
days for casting and shipping.
190mm x 110mm
Countess Charm Emblem:
Limited edition quality emblem. Victorian style
frame with skull and bones. Made for mounting on
a bike's neck frame, use it as a lady's necklace... or
whatever you think of! It has four 'ear'mount holes
which you can bolt or rivet. It can also be glued as
the back is raw + unpolished for that option.
65mm x 55mm
Flying Wheel Cast:
The flying wheel emblem as never seen before!
Completely hand-made and bronze cast. This is
another exclusive Rockin' Swallow design. This is
not a REPRO folks, but a complete new and original
89mm x 76mm                
Skull Cast:
This is a de la Muerte emblem, cast in pure bronze!
A truly one of a kind design. Hurry if you want to
own it!
Hell Ride Cast:
Because HE made you do it! Yes you know the deal!
Your soul went for less!
Racing Shield Emblems:
These emblems are cast in pure bronze, bringing to
life the vintage racer look! They're undrilled and
ribbed on the back, making it easier to glue them
on any surface. Easy to shape with a shiny finish so
all you have to do is let time do the job! Use them on
your chop, rod, helmet or throw them around like
ninja stars!
110mm x 46mm
Please Note: All of Popeye's Castings
are handmade in Europe so please
allow 6-10 weeks for shipment.