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Seat Builders' Parts
Seat Mount Tabs:
- Fits 1952-79 XL models
- May be welded on for custom application
$30 / Pair
Micro Front Seat Mount Kit:
- Includes weld on tabs and Micro "T" with bushing
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Solo Seat Springs:
- Available in both tapered and straight shapes in 1", 2", 3",
4", 5", and 7" lengths
Also available (see pull-down) in torsion style
         $22 - Up
Seat Bracket Mount:
- Bolts to frame holes above seat post tube on all
1965-84            FLH-FXE frames
- Also makes a quick easy solution for custom seat mounting
- Seat nose bracket swivels on this mount
Universal Solo Seat Front Mount:
- Includes mount and tilt up bracket
- Lower bracket is a direct bolt
                                $40.00 / Kit
Seat Stantions:
- Can be attached to Rigid frame cross tube to mount solo
seat springs (Weld-on or bolt-on available).

4" Mini Shock for Solo Seats:
- Eliminate the sore ass syndrome while adding comfort and
cool retro styling.
- Black spring and billet aluminum body
- Designed specifically for solo seats
- 300 lbs per inch spring rate
- Adjustable spring pre-load
- Get the mounting kit (shown below) and easily mate these
shocks between your seat and frame.
Mini Shock Mounting Kits:
- Designed for use with the shocks shown above or any
custom application you like.
- Upper bracket is powdercoat black and lower brackets are
raw and can be welded on or drilled and tapped for bolts.
- All necessary hardware included (Shocks NOT included).
- Available in single or dual shock versions.
Single Installed.
Dual Installed.

mount set, two 4" adjustable mini-shocks, rear mounting
brackets for shocks, and all hardware required.
- Front mount can be universally adapted or bead blasted
and welded to custom applications or bolts directly to
1965-'84 FLH-FXE frames.
- Mini shocks have a billet aluminum body with black
springs and each have a 300lb. load rating.
- Upper rear bracket is coated black and lower mounts are
raw steel so they can be easily welded to any frame.
- Get a great looking seat and comfortable ride with this
all-in-one kit.
Shape Style Length