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Complete XL Sportster Bobber
Conversion Kits:
Transform your Sportster
XL Bobber Conversion Kit - "J.Lo Special":
-'82-'03 BEOSC Hardtail for 240/250 Tires.
- Round-radiused rear fender.
- Chrome 5.5" round oil tank with bracket.
- High-back solo seat with mounting kit.
- 1" rear axle.
- Axle adjuster kit.
- 1" I.D. (D.I.Y.) axle spacer tube.
- BEOSC battery tray.
- 1.75" offset pulley.
- 136T x 1-1/8" drive belt.
- 4" under chrome springer forks with axle.
- Chrome springer brake.
- 8.5" x 18" rear wheel with Avon Cobra 250 x 18" tire mounted and balanced.
- 21" x 3.25" WG 60-spoke front wheel with 120/21" Avon Cobra tire mounted and balanced.
Additional Charge Service Options:
- Install hardtail.
- Battery tray pre-mounted.
- Solo seat kit pre-mounted.
- Electrical mounts installed.
- Fender pre-mounted with struts.
- Retrofit springer with grease zerks and re-assembly.
Additional Charge Parts Options:
- Outboard bearing support plate for pulley - $390
- Internal throttle - $85
- Drag-style handlebars - $30
- 10" springer risers - $102
Outboard Bearing
Internal Throttle
Note: Bars and Risers shown
are additional charge
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BoardTracker Style Roller Kits:
Kit Includes:
- BEOSC built 4.5" stretch hardtail.
- Choice of DNA Springer or Kiwi Indian Leafer (shown above) complete front end with axle.
- Front and Rear 2.15" x 21" 40-spoke chrome wheels with 21" Avon Speedmaster tires
mounted and balanced.  Your choice of either single or dual flange rear wheel.
- Rear axle with DIY spacer tube, fasteners and adjuster collar kit.
- Bicycle style rear fender.
- Inline handlebar builder set.
- Chrome oil tank with mounting kit.
- Pre-mounted BEOSC battery tray.
- Pre-installed electrical mount kit.

Additional Extra Charge Options:
- Solo seat with springs and mounting hardware. ($250)
- Fender pre-mounted with struts. ($250)
BoardTracker Style
Roller Kit.
J.Lo Special
Roller Kit.
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Optional DNA Springer
Springer or Leafer Front End?

Add Seat Kit?

Add Fender Mounting?

Customer Build
by Tosh Aida
Customer Build
by Tosh Aida
Customer Build
by Tosh Aida