Rigid Frames - Chop
dat Sporty/Buell/XB!
Click Here for Hardtail Add-Ons, Wide-Tire
Kits & Hardtail Struts
Complete BEOSC
Rollers -
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- Any Stretch, Length, Rake, or Tire Width Included in Base Price
of Frame.
- Any Tire Width Available with Chain or Belt.
- Single or Double Downtubes Available.
- Note: Drop Seat Frame Requires Adapted or Fabbed Oil Tank.
NEW! Now Available for Ironheads!  Rubbermount version
coming soon!
-High HP versions available.
Extra Charge Options Include:
Billet Steel Neck - $150
Hidden Axle Blocks - $150
Single Downtubes - $150
Curved Backbone/Downtube - $150
Drop Seat - $150
Special!!! - Now All Sportster/Buell/XB Frames are $200 Off!!!
- See Pull-Down Menus Below for Option Pricing.
$1,899 - up
NEW!!  Bullneck
Thugsta' with Massive
2" Single Down-Tube!!
Also, features Spade
Axle Plates
Questions? Email
Billet Steel Neck

Hidden Axle Blocks


Curved Backbone

Curved Downtube

Drop Seat

30 Degree Rake/Stretch
for Stock Buell Forks,
No Drop Seat
- Ruin the Image of Sportsters & Buells/XBs
Example Buell Roller
using frame at right ==>
2" Single Downtube option
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