Hardtails, Struts, & Wide Tire Kits
for Sportys & Big Twins
V-Twin Hardtails for 1952 to present Sportys.  Choose from:
- Weld-On for 1952-72 (Drum Brake)                                                         $221
- Weld-On for 1973-78 (Drum Brake) -
Watch Video!                      $271
- Weld-On for 1979-81 (Disc Brake & up to 200 tire)                        $271
- Weld-On for 1982-03  (Disc Brake)                                                           $291
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The pictures at
left are of a
hardtail  installed
on a '82-'03

Note: The $291
hardtail's will
accommodate up to a
200mm Series rear tire.

We now carry Road 6
brand narrow/skinny
stock width hardtails
for '82-'03 XL's!
Note: BEOSC will install any hardtail featured in this section to your
frame for a service fee of $325.00.
Custom Built
Hardtail for 250
Complete Hardtail Conversion Kits For 1982-up XL Sportsters
(Now including '04-up Rubbermount models!):
Kit includes:
- Built-to-Spec Hardtail - Including Drop Seats & Up to 250 Wide Tire.
- Offset Pulley - pick from 0.75", 1.0" or 1.75" pulley or sprocket.
- Axle and Fasteners.
- 5.5" or 8.5" wide Rim in 16" or 18".
- Any size Avon Tire to Match Your Rim.
- Wheel and Tire Mounted & Balanced.
- 5.5"x10" Clamp-On Chrome Barrel Oil Tank.
- Tight Radius Fender.
- Turn that run-of-the-mill Sporty into a wicked chop for a price that
should be illegal!!!
$1698 to $1859
Additional (Extra Charge) Options include:
- Longer 137T belt (necessary for stretched hardtails) - $228
- Rear pulley adaptation for rims with 1" axle size locator ring - $60
- Front Drive support plate with bearing (recommended for wide tire conversion) - $390
- Fender Mounting Service - $300 (includes struts if desired)
- Solo Seat, Springs and Hardware - $250, Upgrade to Mini Shock system for $50. (Seat
Mounting Service is additional $125)
- Battery Tray - $125, Battery Tray Mounting Kit - $35 (Battery Tray Mounting Service is
additional $125 and includes mounting kit)
- Pre-Fit Stock Style Forward Control Mounts - $125
- Electrical mounts installed to retain stock wiring - $125
- Complete install service of this entire kit - $500
Tire Size

Fender Mount Shown
is Extra Charge
Belt and Fender Mount Shown are Options.
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Stock Width '82-up XL Sportster Hardtail Conversion Kits (Now
available for '04-up Rubbermount models!):
Kit Includes:
- Raw Steel Hardtail for up to 200 series tires.  (Also available in a
narrower version at additional charge)
- Flat-Style Fender (Pre-Mounted with struts)
- Chrome Round Steel Barrel Oil Tank that mounts to the seatpost
- BEOSC Battery Tray (Mounted).  Battery NOT included - shown in
picture for illustrative purposes ONLY.
- Weld-on Solo Seat stantions and Hinge Kit (mounting service
available at extra charge, but only available with additional solo seat
- Axle with fasteners and adjuster kit
- Also includes adjustable brake bracket (not shown) so that you can
use your stock brake if desired.
- These kits are now available with everything listed above in a drop
seat version!

Transform your sporty into a Rigid Chopper or bobber and still use
your existing driveline and rear wheel!!
PLEASE NOTE: We will also do similar kits for other year Sportys like
'73-'78 (Drum brake) and '79-'81 (Disc brake)
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Product Line
Go to page 2 of
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Click here to
see more pics
of a full
Base kit shown mounted on frame.
Pictures include optional
electrical mounts which allow
easy relocation of stock wiring
240/250 Hardtail kit with most
available options installed.
Click here for
complete bobber
conversion kits.
Click Here to
see more pics
of a full
Bitter End  Custom-Built Sportster Hardtails:
- Available for most  years including 1973-up. Now including 2004-up
Rubbermount models.
- Custom built in-house to your specs and preferences.
- Choose from many different options including tire width, stretch,
ride height, drop seat and more.
                                     Starting at $549
Drop Seat model shown installed
Drop Seat models start at $499
6" Stretched hardtail
shown on 1974 Sportster
Click Here
for a video
about this
drop seat

For Year:

Picture above shows XL 5" Stretch, 3" Drop
Seat Hardtail installed on complete bike
built by Graham Floyd in Australia.
Regular '82-'03 Hardtail kit.
'82-'03 Drop Seat
Hardtail Kit.

'04-up Hardtail Kit.
Sissy Bar shown
is additional $300
240/250 Wide Tire Drop-Seat Hardtail Kit for 1991-up Sportsters:
Kit Includes:
- 240/250 wide tire drop seat hardtail (5" Stretch, 3" Drop Seat).
- Offset front sprocket with bearing support and flat rear sprocket.
- 130 link chain.
- DIY axle spacer tube.
- Axle and fasteners with axle adjuster collar kit.
- 18" x 8.5" 60 spoke rim with 240/250 tire mounted and balanced.
- Round-radiused fender.
Note: This item is for 1991-up Sportsters and will NOT work for the older
4-speed XL's.
Additional Charge Options (shown in other listings on this page):
- Oil tanks with BEOSC mounting kit ($255).
- Battery tray with BEOSC mounting kit ($165).
- Pre-installed electrical mount kit ($125).
- Solo seat, springs and mounting hardware ($250).
Add Oil Tank Kit?

Add Battery Tray Kit?

Add Electrical Mounts?

Add Seat Kit?

This picture and the one above to the right show a
2004-up hardtail, but this kit is also readily available
for '91-'03 XL's. Just specify your year when ordering.
Click Here for a
video about
conversion kits.
The kit shown here is an example of a regular
'82-'03 kit with additional extra charge
The kit shown here is an example of a
regular '79-'81 Ironhead kit with additional
extra charge options.
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a customer's
builds using
these kits.