Jockey and Suicide Shift
Jockey Shift/Suicide Clutch Conversion Kit:
...Because you only live once.  End it quickly!
- Available for either 5/6-speed (Big-Twin Evo-Softail style - NOT
Sportster) or 4-speed Big-Twin trans
- Kit includes splined inner arm, black bracket, and cable with ends
For Trans

Slap Stick Jockey Kit for Big Twin:
- Includes assembly w/jockey handle for 5-Speed '86-'99 Big Twin models     
Jockey Handle Only for Big Twin:
- Fits '86 - Up 5 & 6-Speed BT
Knob sold
Police Style Jockey Shift Kit:
- Clamps to all BT front frame w/1-1/8" tubes for 4-Speed ratchet
type,                   4-Speed rotary & 5-Speed model
- Smooth gate for shifting
- Rocket clutch pedal or jockey pedal will fit w/3.5 or 5 gallon tanks
'36-79 only 4-Speed Handshift
'52-79 BT 4-Speed Ratchet Top                      $188.00
'79-84 FLH 4-Speed                                               $188.00
'79-Up 4-Speed Rotary Style, FXE                  $188.00
'79-Up 5-Speed FX-FLST                                     $188.00
Please Select

'91-'03 XL Sportster Jockey Shift/Suicide Clutch Kit:
year when ordering - and Cable Mounting Bracket.  NOTE: Antique
Door Knob is available but is extra charge (eMail us).  The threads on
the end of the arm are 3/8"-24 (fine) threads (in case you want to buy
your own knob - half the fun, right?!?)
- Easy installation. Just remove your old shifter and clutch setup,
mount the arm direct to the original shifter location (involves a quick
drill and tap of your existing shift arm), bolt the bracket to your lower
left front motor mount, install and adjust the cable and you're done!!!
No welding required!!!
- This clutch cable end in this kit is designed to bolt directly up to the
OEM forward controls that come on 883 and 1200 Custom XL's but is
adapabtable to many other set-ups.  We are in the process of
designing more kits for different years and different types/brands of
forward controls, so if you don't think this will work for you, eMail us
for info on other kits.
-  Get a radical look that still functions great at a rock bottom price!!!
-2004-Up Rubbermount versions Coming Soon!!!
Note: Item is out of stock and is temporarily discontinued
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