Hardtails, Struts, & Wide Tire Kits
for Sportys & Big Twins
Wide Tire Sportster Kits for 240 Tires:
- Includes tranny pulley, pulley side plate, swingarm, axle, and fender
- Also adds 2" to the stock length of the bike!
- Fits '91 to '03 Sportys
NEW! Now available for '04's and up
Model Year

240/250 Wide Tire Swingarm Conversion Kits for 1991-up XL:
Kit Includes:
- 240/250 wide tire swingarm kit.
- Offset pulley.
- DIY axle spacer tube.
- Axle and fasteners.
- 18" x 8.5" 60 spoke rim with 240/250 tire mounted and balanced.
- 1" to 3/4" axle reducer bushings.
- Round-radiused fender.
NOTE: ONLY the 2004-up kit is available in standard length and a 2"
longer version, but you must specify this in the "Year of Bike" box at the
time of the order, or you will be sent the standard length kit.
Additional Charge Options:
- Longer belt for swingarm conversion ($160).
- Outboard bearing support plate ($390).
- Solo seat, springs and mounting hardware ($250).
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